Russian Weddings?

4 April 2013

We all know a bit about conventional wedding ceremonies in the UK and even in Ancient Greece (, but what about modern Russian weddings?...

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Ancient Greek Wedding Customs

2 April 2013

You might be surprised at Ancient Greek wedding customs. I thought it would make an interesting change to share this with you. Getting Engaged...

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Save money on Vow Renewals

26 March 2013

Wonderful and significant events as vow renewals certainly are, they do cost money.  However, they do not have to get out of control! Assuming...

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Marriage Vows (Part two)

21 March 2013

Having looked (“ “) at the history of marriage vows, it’s time to explore them in a little more detail. What is their significance?...

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The History of Marriage Vows

18 March 2013

Marriage vows are an integral – and often favourite – part of our wedding ceremonies. They are intended to cement the marriage union. They...

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Anyone for a funeral?

15 March 2013

I have just done something that I suppose most of you have not wanted to do or ever done before. Although a layman, but...

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