Doing Without a Civil Celebrant

Mar 26, 2024
Breaking glass ritual civil wedding

People don’t always get it.

It’s true that you can do without a civil celebrant for your life-cycle event – depending on what you are looking for.

You can have a  full-religious ceremony in church (or an equivalent). Or, if you’re looking for a simple wedding ceremony that is 100% secular, you can go down the register office or Humanist route.

So why should you even consider an independent civil celebrant?


If you don’t want a standard, run-of-the-mill ceremony, a civil celebrant may be for you. If you want to make your ceremony stand out, then a celebrant may be perfect,

The celebrant-led ceremony can be exactly what you want it to be. It can be formal, semi-formal or informal. It can contain readings that you have chosen (or approved). It can include rituals that you want, that add meaning and beauty to the occasion. You can have readers of your choice involved. You might have your ‘story’ told as part of the service. There can be humour as well as solemnity. There can be as much – or little – religion as you choose.

Of course,  with such a ceremony, you can select the venue. You are not bound to stipulations as you are with a Register Office  (or church!) service. Indoors or outdoors, all is good (within reason!).

How a Celebrant can help

A good celebrant will ask plenty of questions at your first meeting. They should build up a picture of your vision for the day.  They should be helpful and friendly, but professional. They need to be able to make suggestions and advise, where necessary, and help facilitate the service.

They should be a team member, very much in your corner.

A civil celebrant is trained to present in public, and, as well as offering writing skills, should demonstrate great presentation ability.

Most of all, your  celebrant needs to be passionate and happy to go the extra mile. They want you to be more than just satisfied with your ceremony.

That’s certainly how I feel about my work, and would love to chat with you further, if this article has whetted your appetite.