Funerals – arranging the perfect send-off

Support and guidance when you need it most – your local civil celebrant

It is never easy dealing with the death of a loved one. Apart from your own grief and that of those around you, you have a lot of practicalities to cope with suddenly. One of these will be the funeral itself.

I fully understand that this can be a difficult, distressing and bewildering time for you and I do my utmost to address your needs directly.

I take pleasure and pride in crafting a unique, bespoke ceremony together with you – a ceremony which will be just the way you want it – so, the religious element, the ritual content, the participants, the readings and music can be chosen by you.

How I can help

Based in the Harrow area, I normally meet up with you to explain the various options for the funeral service. I offer suggestions, and am glad to answer your questions. I ask plenty of my own too, to ensure that I really understand your wishes and needs. I offer reassurance and confidence.

As quickly as possible I prepare a bespoke service for you that honours, reflects and celebrates the life of your loved one. You can have full input into the content and construction of the service so that the end product is exactly what you – and your loved one – would wish.

You will see and approve the text before the service, and be able to amend anything you choose. I take the utmost pride in conducting a memorable and satisfying service on the day.

In short, I offer the opportunity to grieve and say goodbye, and also to celebrate a life. I achieve this with compassion and professionalism.

As a bonus, I can offer families professional grief counselling, which I arrange, thanks to my membership of the only Association (AOIC) that currently provides such a service.

Planning ahead

If you want to be sure in your lifetime exactly how your own funeral will be conducted (and the same goes for funerals for relatives or friends), I will be glad to work together with you to prepare the personalised service that you would choose.

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