Facing up to Wedding day Nerves

Apr 9, 2024

It’s normal enough to feel the worse for nerves on your wedding day. Or on any big occasion.

It’s not a bad thing in moderation. In fact, a bit of adrenaline doesn’t hurt at all.

However, you don’t want  wedding day nerves that spoil your day. Or even the run-up.

So, what can you do, if you think you’ll be likely to suffer with too many butterflies?

There are tricks you can employ and/or you can accept help.


One of the most reassuring things is knowing you are surrounded by trusted professionals.  This applies, no matter how many professionals you employ. By that I mean planners, photographers, celebrants, florists, make-up artists, caterers, musicians, etc. etc.

If you have chosen these professionals with care, you know you can rely on them. They will provide a good service and won’t let you down, if something actually does go wrong.

But you can help yourself too.

Firstly, if you have prepared properly for your event (using experienced professionals), let go of the fear and worry. You’ve done all you can to prepare; now it’s down to others to do their job. There’s no point going over in your head what could go wrong. In truth, anything can happen – but it probably won’t! So don’t go looking for trouble, when there probably won’t be any.

If the worst comes to the worst, and something does go wrong, people are usually forgiving, especially if you’ve obviously tried your best.

If the thought of being in the public eye is too much for you, there are people that can help with phobias. I am particularly thinking of Isobel. Her website is www.intherighthands.co.uk, and she has helped a lot of people significantly. She’ll be happy to talk with you.

Remember, come what may, that the vast majority – if not all – of the people at your wedding will be batting for you. Just go out there and enjoy your day!

Feel free to discuss any points this may have raised.