Vow Renewals

Have a great day, all over again!


Anywhere and everywhere!

There are many reasons to celebrate a Vow Renewal: perhaps, you are approaching a big anniversary (probably ending in 5 or 0); you may want to celebrate coming through a sticky time (eg illness or even a rocky spell in your marriage); you may not have enjoyed your wedding (for a variety of reasons!); you may have married abroad and want a ceremony for those in this country; you wish to reaffirm your relationship and mutual love … whatever you want!

As with a wedding, you can have as big a ceremony as you please. It can be held anywhere and can take any form. (But, of course, you won’t need a registrar or any paperwork!)

If you work with Michael, you can expect ideas and help (on the vows, for example), and his presentation on the day will make the event very special.

Canalside VR


Michael Thank you being our celebrant and putting together our vow renewal, the words felt very personal to us which made it quite an emotionally fuelled ceremony that just flowed but embraced everything we wanted with the readings, blessings of our rings, lighting of our unity candles and finally the signing of our certificate. Our friends and family all commented on how we always do things a bit different and this ceremony and celebration exceeded that. Thank you x