Handfasting Ceremonies

The literal meaning behind “tying the knot”!

Handfasting Ceremonies

Handfasting is a beautiful ritual that goes back to Celtic times (technically, to the Ancient Roman and Greek days). It’s the origin of the phrase “tying the knot”. When the two hands are tied together, it represents the binding of two lives. While it is most often included in Wiccan or Pagan ceremonies, it has become more mainstream and increasingly popular in both religious and secular occasions.

I can prepare a personalised Handfasting ceremony for you. Publicly, the couple declare their intent to enter into a union. Then the hands of the couple are clasped and handfasted (fastened together) with a cord or ribbon. This happens before or, usually, just after their vows are made to each other. The wrapping of the cord forms an infinity symbol, the knot symbolises the new unity of the couple.

Handfastings can be part of various other celebrations, notably weddings and vow renewals. Vows That Wow offer the following choices:

  1. Full Celtic: this is nature-related and focuses on the elements.
  2. Partial: this is a traditional wedding ceremony, which includes a handfasting, usually immediately after the vows have been exchanged.

Image shows a handfasting at Lillibrooke Manor

Beautiful and so unique

Civil celebrant handfasting a wedding couple

Photo courtesy of Louie Donovan Photography

Have your handfasting ceremony at Stonehenge!

Some people choose to hold a handfasting in the Inner Circle at Stonehenge.  Vows That Wow can arrange this, given sufficient notice. Another possibility is a ceremony in the public area, and that is fantastic too!

Image shows a Stonehenge Midsummer Vow Renewal Ceremony

Beautiful and moving

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