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Yet Another Birthday
Yet Another Birthday

14 May 2019

What they call a ‘significant birthday’ is fast approaching – it is but a couple of weeks away, as I write. I hope you’ll...

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What’s your next special occasion?

31 December 2018

As you’re probably reading this around the New Year, your next special occasion may well be New Year’s Eve. Well, to be honest, I...

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When Life gets in the Way of your Big Event

18 April 2017

The time may come when you want to commemorate a big event in your life (or in that of someone close to you). You...

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What is your next celebration?

18 May 2016

I don’t suppose it takes much crystal-ball-gazing to guess that your next celebration is your birthday! Happy Birthday! If it is, how do you...

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Discuss Your Special Ceremony