Saving Money on Weddings

Jul 1, 2024
civil celebrant at the ready

Saving money on a wedding is an attractive thought, but how realisable is it?

A wedding is (hopefully!) a once-in-a-lifetime event. You’re not going to skimp on things, if you can help it. You want everything to turn out perfectly. Quality matters.

So it’s reasonable enough that you have to pay for it.

There are certain areas you probably won’t be prepared to compromise about. These could include the rings, the wedding dress and make-up artist.

But it’s all very subjective. What is essential to one couple may hardly register in the list of priorities of another.

Therefore, my comments may not fit all of you in every way. Hopefully, they will still prove useful to most of you and offer some food for thought and practical suggestions.


One expensive area is the venue. It’s important that you both feel excited by the venue, so should not skimp. But do make sure you know what exactly you are paying for.

Be aware that you may be able to bargain a bit, if you choose to marry out of season or, possibly, earlier in the day.


This very much depends on the scale that you are aiming at. Silver service is convenient, but expensive. You may be able to save a bit by offering a self-service buffet. That can also help you deal with dietary issues among guests.

You will probably provide a bottle or two of wine (and water), but you may think about introducing a cash bar.

Wedding Planner

A wedding planner can be considered a major expense, but what price do you put on peace of mind? Some wedding planners can be hired for the day (or week), which may be an option for some. A good Wedding Planner is invaluable, especially for a larger affair – but not necessarily a necessity.


Again, opinions may be divided here, but you should consider a Civil Celebrant (such as myself!). A Civil Celebrant gives you the freedom to choose exactly how you mark the ceremony. They offer the chance to stamp your own personality on the service as well as providing the elements that you really want to include.


There’s virtually no limit to the kind of entertainment you can offer. Your outlay will depend on your budget, as well as personal preferences. You may have to consider how to occupy children, what may be suitable for older guests and the logistics of dancing or photobooths and the like.

Music can come under this category. Live music can be preferable to a DJ, but probably comes dearer. A DJ can also serve as a toastmaster, at a pinch. Up to you, of course.


Flowers can be surprisingly expensive. You can save a little by opting for local, in-season flowers.

Photographers/AV Recorders

Photographs are surely obligatory at a wedding. The photographer’s professional skills are essential. They have to spend a long time with you too, so deserve to be suitably paid. It’s not really a job that can be handed out to a friend, although a lot of money could be saved that way!

So, there are a few ways to save money at a wedding, but you have to make quite sure that you are not sacrificing quality.

Feel free to have a chat further about this.