Not so Woo-Woo after all!

Jun 25, 2024
Civil celebrant handfasting a wedding couple

One of the beauties of celebrant-led ceremonies is that you can include whatever you want. Well, virtually.

You are not obliged to follow standard ritual or liturgy. You can mark your occasion anywhere and in, more or less, any way you choose.

So that can mean that your ceremony may appear quite wacky.

Not just because you may not be including any religious elements. Or even that your service is totally secular.

Things may be more extreme. You might include pagan rituals , such as handfasting or nature blessings, for example. You may choose to celebrate your event on the beach or in an aquarium, say.

The point is that the world is very much your oyster.

Those people who have heard of civil celebrants usually associate them with way-out ceremonies, which isn’t necessarily the case.

My own preferences lead me to specialise in ceremonies that are individual and unique, but not all that wacky. Although I’ve done a few way-out services too.

I’d define the majority of my ceremonies as semi-conventional. (People are often unaware that a celebrant-led service doesn’t have to be woo-woo.)

In fact, I can probably claim to be a bit of a specialist in mixed-faith ceremonies. Judaeo-Christian weddings seem to be my most popular services.

I normally draft elements of the respective religions (liturgy or culture) together, trying not to let one religion dominate, unless that is what all parties wish). The idea is that it should be seamless, but meaningful. If necessary, I will include explanations of what is going on, so guests don’t feel left out.

The important thing is that I am always in communication with the client and able to understand and meet their needs and desires. That way, I can build with them the service of their dreams, which can be meaningful and spiritual without necessarily being woo-woo.

Let’s have a chat and see how your ceremony can be made really special.