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Why renew Wedding Vows?
Why renew Wedding Vows?

14 May 2013

The papers are ever fuller with pictures and stories about celebrities who have chosen to renew wedding vows. Is this something that we mere...

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Weddings: traditional and modern

7 May 2013

One of the joys of weddings is a mix of traditional and modern. I’d like to examine some of the traditions, and suggest a...

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Marriage and health go hand-in-hand?

2 May 2013

Marriage can be stressful. Can marriage and health really go together? Apparently so. Cardiologists will tell you that being unmarried increases the risk of...

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Marital happiness

25 April 2013

Following on from my last blog, I bring the fruits of some research (American, of course!), to help solve the problem of how to...

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What Makes a Healthy Marriage?

18 April 2013

Most of us would aspire to a healthy marriage. I recently wrote about how to survive marriage (https://vowsthatwow.co.uk/?p=600). Let’s be more positive now, and...

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How to Survive Marriage

16 April 2013

What really makes relationships work What I am going to look at is a very important subject – namely, how to survive marriage and...

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