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Planning a Wedding

3 January 2017

Let’s face it:  who should have the final say about everything when planning a wedding? Is it the bride’s family, who may be bankrolling...

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8 Ways To Save Your Guests Money
8 Ways To Save Your Guests Money

22 September 2015

A wedding nowadays can cost £20,000 or even more. And that doesn’t take into account expenses for bridesmaids and guests. It’s quite an industry,...

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Overcoming wedding day nerves

10 February 2015

It’s quite well-known that a huge percentage of people consider the prospect of dying preferable to public speaking. In fact, most people involved in...

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What happens when – your wedding guide

9 April 2013

A Church wedding Being faced with your wedding, especially if it’s a big event, can be pretty unnerving. Fun, exciting and wonderful – but...

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7 tips to get your children on your side

18 December 2012

Survival guide:  when your child is participating in a ceremony Major public ceremonies can be very stressful for parents and children. Obviously, I can...

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