Wedding Countdown CheckList


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Planning your wedding can be a pressurised, stressful thing to do. A successful wedding is unlikely to happen without good planning.

And good planning cannot be left until the last moment.  Everything needs to be thought of, and the timing of what you do and when can hugely impact on whether your preparations are smooth, easy and enjoyable…. or if they are a source of stress!

If you are tearing your hair out at even the thought of organising and remembering everything, here’s a little gift to take much of this away; it’s a list of  what I suggest you need to consider, if not actually do, along with an advised timescale.

It will make planning your wedding almost as special as the day itself!

In order to download this precious checklist, you just need to fill in your name and e-mail address here, and I will delight in e-mailing it to you.