Weddings: traditional and modern

7 May 2013

One of the joys of weddings is a mix of traditional and modern. I’d like to examine some of the traditions, and suggest a...

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Marriage and health go hand-in-hand?

2 May 2013

Marriage can be stressful. Can marriage and health really go together? Apparently so. Cardiologists will tell you that being unmarried increases the risk of...

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Your At-Home Ceremony
Your At-Home Ceremony

30 April 2013

What’s the point of having an at-home ceremony? Just book a restaurant, hotel, hot-air balloon, or whatever, for your wedding, vow renewal, handfasting or...

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Marital happiness

25 April 2013

Following on from my last blog, I bring the fruits of some research (American, of course!), to help solve the problem of how to...

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Happy Marriages – Pie in the Sky?

22 April 2013

With the divorce rate higher than ever before, happy marriages seem ever more difficult. However, a little common sense – and work – can...

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What Makes a Healthy Marriage?

18 April 2013

Most of us would aspire to a healthy marriage. I recently wrote about how to survive marriage ( Let’s be more positive now, and...

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