How to be special

21 December 2012

This recent blog by Michael Oliver encapsulates one of the important philosophies of a business like mine. It’s not enough to make assumptions; it’s...

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Civil Partnerships & Marriages

20 December 2012

I was slightly surprised by both set of statistics. I thought there’d have been more of the first and fewer of the second! Anybody...

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7 tips to get your children on your side

18 December 2012

Survival guide:  when your child is participating in a ceremony Major public ceremonies can be very stressful for parents and children. Obviously, I can...

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Married Couples – the new minority in Britain

14 December 2012

A view as to why marriage still is relevant and important.

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Avoiding potential nightmares at special ceremonies

11 December 2012

Young Children and Ceremonies Young children have the potential to turn solemn moments at jolly ceremonies, and of course entire ceremonies themselves, into a...

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Do wedding vows have to be serious?

7 December 2012

Out-of-the-ordinary Wedding Vows It’s not always easy when you want to write your own wedding vows. In another blog, I plan to be offering...

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Discuss Your Special Ceremony