Tips on Wedding Photography poses

28 May 2013

I’m delighted to take a back seat this week and hand over to my guest blogger, Neli Prahova, for a professional’s view from behind...

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Surviving the run-up to your wedding

23 May 2013

Following my last blog on Wedding Day health (, I’ve been asked to expand a bit on what I wrote, so I hope this...

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Wedding Day Health – civil celebrant and wellness consultant collide!

21 May 2013

In addition to being a civil celebrant, I am a wellness consultant, so why not put my two areas of expertise together? Pleased as...

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“Say cheese!” – Wedding Photography

17 May 2013

Apart from taking photographs for fun, I make no claim to be a photographer – certainly not for weddings. However, as a celebrant, I...

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Why renew Wedding Vows?
Why renew Wedding Vows?

14 May 2013

The papers are ever fuller with pictures and stories about celebrities who have chosen to renew wedding vows. Is this something that we mere...

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What makes a good celebrant?

10 May 2013

The big question A celebrant can make or break your big day. So what makes a good celebrant? The answers Be knowledgeable First of...

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