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Explaining a Civil Celebrant
Explaining a Civil Celebrant

28 October 2019

People often think they understand what a civil celebrant does. One of the problems for us is that they are usually wrong. Mostly, they...

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The Great Wedding Planner Debate

6 January 2016

Once the engagement is announced, sharks start circling round the couple, becoming frenzied at the scent of money. Is the wedding planner likely to...

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Are Wedding Planners Sharks?

27 January 2015

Weddings can be honey-traps. Look at wedding planners, for example. These people may well charge thousands of pounds for what appears to be about...

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Avoiding Wedding Foul-ups

22 April 2014

In my profession of civil celebrant, I sometimes find myself in “marriage counsellor mode”. But rather than look at putting right what may have...

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