Renewing Your Vows (again!)

Oct 1, 2018
Alternative outdoor vow renewal

Let me get one thing straight at once. My title is ambiguous. I’m not necessarily talking about renewing your vows a second or third time (although you’re welcome to). I actually mean that this is a continuation of last week’s blog which had the same title (but no “again”!).

Well, that’s cleared that up! Or, more likely, it has just muddied the waters …!

Anyway, last week’s blog covered why you should consider renewing your vows. Hopefully, it convinced you at least to think about it.

So this time, let’s look at how you may choose to mark it.

Dispelling some Fallacies

At first glance, you may assume that a vow renewal is something like a wedding ceremony. After all, they’re logically connected!

One massive difference between the two ceremonies is this: in order to renew your vows, you do NOT need a legal ceremony. This ceremony is purely optional, so the registrars do not come into it.

The second difference is that you do not have to do what anybody else wants! When you married, you probably had to take into account the wishes – even demands – of your parents. Or even of other people. You may have had to take on elements that you’d have preferred to omit. You may not really have agreed with the religious elements that were (or were not) included. The venue may not have been where you’d really have wanted to hold your ceremony. You may have had a less than free hand in choosing the guests.

And the list may go on.

What you must understand

Your vow renewal is YOUR big day. You organise it yourself. You pay for it. You can choose everything about it.

It can be a small affair. Or it can be bigger than your wedding. It can be wherever you like. I have celebrated a lovely vow renewal alongside a canal, because barging was the couple’s passion. Indoors, outdoors – it’s up to you.

You can choose how much you spend. It is entirely your call how much and what you offer your guests by way of refreshment, or entertainment.

Making the ceremony memorable

The final area of choice is the ceremony itself.

Hopefully, you will choose a civil celebrant like myself to work with! In that case, you have guidance and advice on tap. You work as a team, so you’ll have plenty of input. The end result is your dream ceremony.

You may choose to repeat your marriage vows. However, you may prefer to write new ones. (Your celebrant will be able to help you.) You may want your rings to be blessed.

You have the option of inviting friends and/or family members to participate. You can have as spiritual a ceremony as you choose. You may incorporate rituals of your choice. The tone can be informal, if that’s what you want. You approve all the readings before the big day.

Not forgetting that you will also have chosen the venue and the reception.

Now, doesn’t that sound attractive?

For any help with this ceremony, don’t hesitate to give Michael a call.