Marrying a Snowman?!

Jan 26, 2021

It could be that lockdownitis is getting the better of me, I realise …

The fact is that I went for a stroll on Sunday and a snowman caught my attention. One thought led to another, and I began comparing the snowman to a wedding.

As one does.

Well, I warned you!

But let me justify myself a bit. There are commonalities …

Like a wedding, a snowman is often the product of a combined, collaborative effort. They can be big, small or medium. You can decorate them lavishly, or keep it simple. They often require a lot of work to create. Co-operation is usually of the essence, but an individual can do much of the preparation. They are ephemeral. They can afford a lot of pleasure and can be something that lives on in the memory for years.

You might extend the comparison by going into clothes and so on, but I guess there’s no need to labour the point.

Hopefully, you, my reader, may know somebody planning a wedding. Perhaps you can help them in some way. (Telling them about what I offer – namely, a personalised ceremony – would be a great start!)

They may still be able to have a big wedding (in time), but a micro-wedding can be fabulous. They could even get legally married and then hold a wedding blessing, or the like, some time later. Possibly, on their anniversary.

So, no, I’m not thinking of including a snowman in a wedding ceremony! But next time somebody comes up to you and compares a wedding to a snowman, you’ll be ahead of the game, thanks to me!