Your Stand-out Ceremony

Oct 5, 2023
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You may not be aware of the available choices for a wedding service. This applies especially if you”re looking for a stand-out ceremony.



A traditional wedding may well work for you, and that’s fine.

But it may not reflect the real you.

You may not be comfortable with the religious vocabulary. The content may not excite or move you. It is, after all, fairly standard and immutable. It can be quite lengthy too, which does not suit everybody.

Register Office

These services tend to be one-size-fits-all. They will all be totally secular. Moreover, they’re often delivered by people who are not the greatest at presenting. So these ceremonies don’t tend to be all that special.

Of course, that will suit some people well enough, and that’s fine too.

Civil Celebrant Ceremony

One of the great advantages of these ceremonies is that they can be flexible. They can reflect your personalities,, beliefs and desires.

You can have a religious service, if you want, though, more commonly, people opt for a part-religious service or a secular one. The content will depend on your choices. You can have spiritual readings, favourite poems, and friends or family may actively participate. You can include rituals. Maybe you wish to write your own vows.

The tone can be up to you as well. Formal, semi-formal or informal? Your choice.

Putting all this together can be challenging, and that’s where your civil celebrant can help you. They can advise and guide. They will also be trained in public speaking, so they will present just perfectly.

Incidentally, if it’s a celebrant-led ceremony, you can hold the service virtually wherever you want – including outdoors.

The whole aim is to produce a tailor-made ceremony that is approved by you before the delivery. A perfect service is the goal.

I’d love to help you with all of this. Just give me a call!