Why are Weddings so Expensive?

Mar 23, 2020
destination wedding celebrant

A simple question, seemingly, but there’s actually more to it than meets the eye.

A cynical response

Suppliers rub their hands together when they see a couple approaching. They sense the opportunity to exploit excited, bemused, ignorant people. They can inflate their prices just because it’s for a wedding. The couple are unlikely to shop around very far, so they offer rich pickings.

These suppliers can include venues, dressmakers, caterers, florists, make-up artists, celebrants (yes, even some celebrants!), photographers, planners, entertainment arrangers, vehicle hire – anyone and everyone!

A measured response

The first observation is that not every supplier will be out to take advantage of you. Most are ethical and are keen to offer a service commensurate with their fees. Often, they do an enormous amount behind the scenes. A celebrant doesn’t just turn up early on the day, deliver a half-hour ceremony and then go home. There is a massive amount of work beforehand to ensure that the ceremony is perfect on the day, and reflects the couple’s personalities and beliefs.

A wedding will cost a lot, undeniably, although much will depend on what your budget and expectations are. You are often employing specialists, so their expertise, training, and know-how need to be rewarded. So, although your outlay may be significant, you may actually be getting good value for money.


There are ways to reduce costs without sacrificing quality. You can get married Monday to Thursday and/or in the morning or afternoon. That should get you cheaper rates. Avoid peak times (Bank Holidays and summer in particular).

Finally, shop around. Don’t necessarily go for the cheapest vendor, though. Choose one who you feel you can trust and who is prepared to listen to your vision. Look at their testimonials and go with your heart.

Your wedding might not seem so expensive, after all!