Who’d Have Thought It?

Dec 11, 2023
civil celebrant

You don’t always know where fate is going to lead you. When I was at school – and, later, at university – I knew only one thing about my career: that I would not become a teacher.

So, of course, I ended up in teaching, and had a fairly successful time of it. However, after 25 years,  I had become stale and found myself quite often in conflict with my superiors. So, in 2010, it was time for me to leave the profession.

But what to do?

I thought it would be relatively easy to make money in network marketing. This proved to be unexpectedly challenging, although I enjoyed the experience. Plus sides were learning to run a small business, networking and self-development. Minus side was income. It was eating up my inheritance from my late mother’s estate.

In 2013, while networking for my health and wellness business, I happened to meet a civil celebrant. I had never met one before –let alone, heard of the profession. However, as a business networker, it was my practice to listen to what other people offered so that I could refer others to them.

Little did I suspect that I was going to become the target!

I loved the idea that people could be able to choose their type of ceremony on their big day. To my surprise, this included not only vow renewals and namings but even funerals. But why on earth shouldn’t people have the ceremony that they wanted?

I was sold.

It was a bonus that I had good presentation skills already (you don’t stand in front of pupils for a quarter of a century without learning something!). I am also literate and quite enjoy writing. So I naturally already had some of the qualities needed to become a good celebrant.

But, most of all, I felt excitement and passion. Two training courses later, I was equipped with some of the other skills a civil celebrant needs. Then I was let loose on the unsuspecting public!

It hasn’t always been plain sailing, but I have enjoyed my 13 years (and counting!) of celebrancy. I have met some wonderful people and made a difference to their lives. As I approach a milestone birthday next Summer, I hope there are a few more years left in me to continue to practise this wonderful vocation.

But who’d have thought all those years ago that this would be where I would end up?!