When to do what? Planning a Wedding

Sep 4, 2023
wedding day nerves

It’s certainly not easy, planning a wedding. And knowing when to do what is a mystery to most. However, I do have a few pointers and ideas that may really help.


Of course, a lot depends on the size of the occasion and the venue. If you’re holding your event in the back garden, there are still suppliers to be booked – possibly, well in advance. However, things in many ways will be simpler. You do need to take special care to comply with health and safety, but you can at least have a venue where you are comfortable and which you (hopefully!) love.

When planning an open-air ceremony, you will need to factor in the weather. You may need a Plan B in case of rain, and you will have to be prepared for heat and strong sun. Whereas the venue may only need permission from the landowner (or a fee), you may not need to book it too much in advance.

A hotel or castle may well be a different story. You will probably have to reserve your place at least a year in advance and may have to be flexible with date and even time.

Other considerations

If you’re holding a church wedding, you would be advised to book up well in advance, and the same certainly goes with the officiant. This applies to independent celebrants as well as vicars. Allow a year to avoid disappointment.

Caterers will need plenty of notice, so I would expect them to need a year’s warning too. Similarly, with the entertainment you may be choosing.

You could be booking florists, make-up artists, hairdressers, photographers/videographers, wedding planners etc. All of these could do with a year’s notice.

Dress/suits will need thinking about, but can probably best be bought/hired near the big day, to allow for changes in body weight!

Some people do manage to book quite last-minute, although I recommend about a year’s notice for most suppliers. That way, you should secure your first choice.

I hope that my idea to set you thinking has been successful. For further discussion, feel free to contact me.

photo: aiony-haust-xCQm5_9aro0-unsplash.jpg