What’s Occurring?

Sep 6, 2022
celebrant holiday

For those who need it, I’ll explain the title presently.

May I tell you why I’ve been rather quiet on the social media front – and even missed doing my blog last week?

Well, there have been a few health issues, although they seem to be under control now. But waiting around in hospitals takes up the time and energy. I have been lucky that I could still work and did not have to refuse any funerals.

There was a more pleasureable reason for my quietness.

We are so glad that, apart from three nights in Essex last year, we managed to get away this summer for the first time in three years.

We made two short trips.


The first was something of a mixed blessing. We had been booked to fly to Lisbon for 6 days, but, due to the COVID restrictions, we reluctantly decided to cancel. Our son (probably partly with a view to having the house to himself!) persuaded us to go away anyway, given that we had booked the time off. As a result, we organised a last-minute stay on Jersey.

Although it was only for three nights, it felt like a real getaway, because we used airports. (Better still, there was no lost luggage and not even any delays!) I had never been to Jersey before (only Guernsey, to conduct a wedding), and I was charmed. The weather helped – beautiful, warm but with a nice breeze. We didn’t pack anything for wet weather – how often can you do that?!

We had some friends on the island. It was lovely to see them again and they treated us very well. They showed us round and fed us. We also took an organised coach tour. The roads are so narrow! The scenery was spectacular and the time passed quickly. I need to point out that we also found the food plentiful and delicious.


Our other trip was to Bath, to see Rob Brydon on tour, which was hugely entertaining. We also had the chance to wander (again in perfect weather) through Bath and appreciate it at our own pace. We then took the train to Cardiff for three nights.

Cardiff and around

We found the Welsh really friendly and helpful. However, Cardiff appears to be a building site, and it was also gearing up for an annual event that meant several attractions were closed. Nonetheless, we enjoyed the castle and took a wonderful day trip, full of historic treats, by minibus that went as far as the stunning Brecon Beacons.

I was not aware how glorious the scenery round there could be, and now I understand why the Welsh are so proud of Wales!

A different sort of trip (courtesy of one of Isobel’s friends) was to Barry Island. That was a “Gavin and Stacey” pilgrimage (another nod to Rob Brydon!), and, although the beach front was pretty, we didn’t really feel safe, so the stay was brief.

Incidentally, do you recognise the title of this blog? “Gavin & Stacey” aficionados will!

Well, we were really grateful to have had the chance to take two mini-holidays. We were lucky that they turned out so well (not just the weather). We are looking forward to our next break, whenever and wherever that may be!