What Music should I have at our Wedding?

Oct 20, 2022
wedding music

Music plays a huge part in most people’s wedding. Obviously, you may want to choose a band or disco for the reception. But what about the ceremony itself?

There’s quite a lot to consider.

Live or Recorded Music?

Only you can decide on how the music will be played. Live musicians add much to the atmosphere, although of course you pay for what you get. They can improvise, should something go wrong. If you know them or have recommendations, you should be able to rely on them and let them get on with it, once you have agreed their programme.

Recorded music may well sound good nowadays, as technology has advanced, but, if something goes wrong and you’re not a techie, you may be left in the lurch.

If you’re having a disco later, the DJ may be able to play your music, if you arrange it in advance.


Forr the ceremony, there may well be music, usually quiet and ambient, as guests enter the room.

This may be followed by possibly stately music, as the wedding procession enters. (Or it may be something of significance to the couple.) Alternatively, this could be traditional such as “Here Comes the Bride” or Pachelbel’s “Canon”, or a march.

The couple will probably walk out (recessional) to what may be their favourite song. It is usually upbeat or rromantic.

It’s best to be sure that the piece of music will last long enough to cover the procession in.

Occasionally, there may be music during the ceremony, especially if there is an anticipated hiatus. This could well be during the signing of the marriage certificate.


People think that the music has to be classical or even religious. If you’re having a celebrant-led ceremony, you have complete choice about what goes into the service, so the music can be traditional or, shall we say, “original”.


Although it can simply cover a silence, there’s a lot of justification for including music. Music adds atmosphere and heightens the emotions. It can put a smile on faces, excite and cheer people up.

Whether formal or informal, traditional or modern, beautifully chosen music can add significantly to the character and atmosphere of any ceremony.

As a celebrant, I can help with advice. 

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Photo: Nelly Prahova