What Exactly is a Civil Celebrant?

Feb 27, 2023
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For many people, using a celebrant is a grey area. What exactly is a Civil Celebrant? What do they offer? Why use one at all?

The expected benefits

If you use a civil celebrant, you expect a friendly, professional service. You can count on them to offer sensible advice, make suggestions of ways to make your ceremony stand out. They should be attentive to your desires and seek to understand your vision.

They should listen to you and not necessarily impose their own ideas. They will work together with you as a well-informed friend, and aim at delivering the best service possible.

They should respond promptly to your enquiries or concerns and be pro-active, when needs be.

They should be good writers, able to put together that special ceremony in a special way.

On the day, they should arrive in good time and check that all is prepared. They put the main actors’ minds at rest. Then, they should deliver a fabulous ceremony!

The ‘added value’

The fact that the celebrant has experience, gained from training and from being ‘in the driving seat’, is invaluable. There’s no substitute for having been there and done it at such a major occasion.

The celebrant’s individual personality will fit certain couples better than others. You can match them up with your desires and needs.

This experience can also matter when planning the ceremony. The celebrant can suggest ideas that may chime with your vision or even advise what might not really work.

The celebrant should be able to present in public clearly and with feeling. They should also be able to relate to the couple (or whoever) as well as making the guests feel included.

Working with me

When you book me, we’ll be working together to come up with a unique, tailor-made ceremony that fits with your vision, beliefs and wishes. Your ideas and choices will be acknowledged and acted upon, so that the final version will have been totally approved by you. There won’t be any unpleasant surprises!

To have a chat about how it can work, please contact me.

Photo: samyaz.sproutstudio.com