What does a Celebrant Really Do?

Dec 14, 2021
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People rarely have any idea what a civil celebrant actually does. The wonderful results don’t just come from a few minutes’ work! Or even a couple of hours.

 There’s so much that goes on unseen – even before the “couple of hours” on the day.

The Day of the Ceremony

“On the day” is the visible part, although it includes travel time too.

So what else is included?

I always aim to arrive an hour or so before the ceremony start time. That factors in the unexpected. There could be severe traffic, for example, or road works.

When I reach my destination, I make contact with the groom (and bride, if possible) and, especially, any event planner. I want to see the place where the ceremony will take place, and check that everything we have ordered is prepared. There may also be a sound check, if appropriate.

I can put the groom’s mind at rest (and the bride’s too!) by my calm and cheerful efficiency. They are most likely to be highly nervous, and need distracting and, sometimes want guidance.

If possible, I get to see the best man (or equivalent) to check all is in order. I also do my best to reassure anybody in the bridal procession.

Obviously, I conduct the ceremony, which tends to last about 30-40 minutes. Once it’s over, unless I’m wanted for photos or whatever, I normally slip off.

Before the Day

From booking to delivery, you are tapping into the celebrant’s experience, training and personality. Not to mention, time and accessibility. And, eventually, writing, followed by presentation, skills.

When you book me, we’ll be working together to come up with a unique, tailor-made ceremony that fits with your vision, beliefs and wishes. You will be able to input your thoughts and preferences, so that the final version will have been totally approved by you. No unpleasant surprises!

No, it’s not just about that hour or so when I am visible!

To have a chat about working with me, please contact me.

Photo: elwoodphotography.co.uk