What does a Celebrant do on the Day?

Nov 2, 2020
After the (young at hearts') civil wedding

“Isn’t that a lot of money for just an hour’s work?”

That’s a question I sometimes hear when I’ve quoted for my services. It disappoints me. My work never lasts just one hour. Not even on the day.

Preparation and Experience

If you book me, you get the benefit of my training and experience. Those skills are not easy to acquire. You get my time and availability. You gain my advice, guidance and all-round professionalism. You profit from my presenting skills.

You’ll be getting a unique, tailor-made ceremony, established in harmony with your beliefs and personalities. Your feedback is always respected and your vision will be achieved.

You’ll get an exchange of emails until you’re satisfied with every word that I’ll be saying on the day.

I have conducted over 200 ceremonies (mainly funerals and weddings) since I trained in early 2013. I’ve learned how to stay calm and what needs to be done.

I really care about results.

Sorry about the rant, but that’s part of what you are getting – before the big day – when you book me!

On the Day

I don’t just swan up ten minutes before the start, read a text or two and shoot off again directly.

I leave home in order to arrive about an hour before the ceremony is due to begin. I check with the venue that everything is in place as agreed. It’s not often that I get a chance to see the bride in that hour, but I may be able to send her a message. That way she knows I am there and has one less thing to worry about.

If there is a procession, I aim to make contact with the participants and check that they are happy.

My main task, once I am sure everything is ready, is to chat to the groom. He may be very nervous, so I try and distract him and make him feel good. I will probably meet the Best Man and/or grooms. We check everything is in order.

Then comes the part people see (and imagine is my only task!), namely, conducting the ceremony. On average, we are talking of around half an hour. I make myself available, if wanted, for photos. Unless I’m invited to stay a while, I head off shortly afterwards.

So I hope I’ve put the record straight now!

If you want to find out more, I am happy to offer a non-obligation call. Just let me know.