Wedding-Day Nerves

Sep 20, 2021
wedding day nerves

There’s nothing wrong with wedding-day nerves. Totally natural, if you ask me.

After all, your wedding should be the biggest day of your life. Together with your loved one, you’ll be centre-stage.

Adrenalin can often enhance performance, although, to be fair, your role is not actually demanding. Your celebrant will guide you through the ceremony, and your Best Man (or equivalent) or Toastmaster can facilitate the celebrations. Mainly, you have to do what you’re told and enjoy yourself!

However, you need to control your jitters so they don’t ruin your day.

Perhaps I can alleviate things for you.

Root Cause

You may well suffer most because you’re uncertain about how things may pan out. There’s always that “what if …?” question lurking.


The most important solution is to ensure you are confident about your suppliers. Of course, nobody can guarantee that nothing will ever go wrong, but you minimise those risks by choosing reliable suppliers. These will be professionals, and will also have experience of dealing with the odd challenge.

However, professional they may seem, it won’t do any harm to reconfirm everything with them a few days before the event. Good for your peace of mind.

On the eve, be prepared. Make sure you have ready whatever is needed – rings, vows, goblet, repair kit, etc.

Allow plenty of time to arrive. You don’t want to get stuck, fuming in a traffic jam.

At the event, relax! Even if things may go wrong, you have two advantages. Firstly, you should be surrounded by professionals, so they can sort out the issue. Secondly, people understand that hitches happen despite the best planning. They’re on your side and will be tolerant and forgiving.

If you have a phobia about the whole thing, it might be wise to employ another professional to help you deal with it. I can recommend Isobel at

If all else fails, don’t get tanked up on alcohol (certainly, not till after the ceremony!). And if you need to step out and take a few deep breaths, this may calm you down sufficiently.

But if you’re looking for an empathetic professional civil celebrant who can put you at your ease before and during your big day, please have a chat with me!

Photo: Aiony Haust