Valentine’s Day Wedding

Feb 7, 2017

Ever considered a Valentine’s Day wedding?

Unfortunately, 14th February is on a Wednesday in 2018, so that may not seem the ideal day for you. However, a weekday wedding is perfectly feasible, so don’t rule it out.


Valentine’s Day has been around since Roman times (496 AD) and was celebrated with an exchange of hand-written love notes or cards in as early as the 1400s.

Its appeal as a wedding day is undeniable.


Modern day tips

If you choose to celebrate your wedding on Valentine’s Day, here are eight tips that you might interest you.

The Ceremony

If your officiant is a civil celebrant, you can write (or get him/her to help you write) your story as part of your wedding ceremony. By “story”, I mean how you met or what attracted – and still attracts – you to each other. This will help personalise the ceremony, and guests will love it!

Colour theme

You probably don’t need to agonise, as red or pink are traditionally the colours for Valentine’s Day.


A nice idea is to display in the lounge area photos of family members (whether living or not) on their wedding day. If there’s a fireplace, it would be great if it were lit. Otherwise, you may be able to give the illusion of a lit fireplace by using candles.

A dinner illuminated by candles can produce a wonderful effect (health & safety being duly observed, of course!). Sequined or silky table linens will make the candles shine even brighter.


Roses must be a given. However, amaryllis can be effective too.


You might be able to work with your caterers or venue and agree on a signature cocktail. This could have red garnishes (using cherries, strawberries or raspberries).


You’d probably choose a love song for your first dance anyway. However, on their reply slip to the invitation, you could also have asked each guest to fill in what their first dance music was (or what “their” song is). Put these on the playlist, and thus make your guests feel included.


Valentine’s Day is a day to indulge. You want a special cake. A modern heart pattern embossed into white fondant may be striking. Or you can choose a cake with a red filling.

Take-home gift

Maybe that’s not all you would give, but what about starting with a packet of Love Hearts?

Your celebrant can help make this special day even more special. Ask them to suggest some romantic rituals that might fit the bill.

You really can combine the traditional and modern into an unforgettable ceremony. A Valentine’s Day wedding can be a really exciting option.