The World of Celebrations is your Oyster

Mar 15, 2017
outdoor civil ceremony

Are you planning a wedding, vow renewal or any other celebrations?  I have good news for you!

There’s more choice out there than you may suspect. In fact, the world (of celebrations) is your oyster.

Well, what’s it to be? Conventional, way-out or something in-between?

First impressions

When people meet me, they often think I’m quite sane! That’s because part of me actually is.

However, on further acquaintance, they come to realise that I have a zany side too.

This mixture works very well in a civil celebrant. I can supply almost everyone’s needs!


I often get asked to put together and perform pretty conventional ceremonies. After all, some people may want a full religious service, but are unable to have this through their church. That might be because they are marrying someone of another faith. Or it could be a divorced Catholic who wants to marry again.

Be that as it may, these ceremonies may be very like what you’d expect in a church or synagogue etc. They can contain traditional readings and rituals. The main difference is that the service is led by someone (me!) who is a lay reader (ie not ordained).


One of the beauties about a celebrant-led ceremony is that you can choose to personalise it. It may include features from other cultures (the Apache wedding blessing is a favourite) and a few religious elements. It may contain spiritual readings and rituals.

You can hold it wherever you wish (within reason). That can make it really exciting. Maybe Stonehenge is your idea of a brilliant venue? It can be arranged. What about atop Ben Nevis?

If you want pagan (or even part-pagan!), you only have to ask.

The point is that you can construct the ceremony that YOU want, that matches your personalities and beliefs. And that seems just right for your big day.


Sometimes people are faced with a dilemma. They may want a secular ceremony, for example, but feel that that could offend their parents or even guests. Fortunately, your celebrant can help you include elements of religion into a largely secular service, and you can – hopefully! – keep everybody happy.

A same-sex ceremony may not please everybody, unfortunately. A little compromise with the wording and structure may go a long way.

Preparing a ceremony that is bespoke and unique to you is utterly appealing. The result should be an event that is beautiful and unique and unforgettable, whether it is oddball or basically conventional, or something in-between.

And surely that’s what you’re looking for (and deserve) for your big day!