The “bad” side of Weddings

Mar 13, 2023
OCD bride

Sometimes weddings bring out the worst in people. Luckily for me, I have only experienced a few examples of this, but not everything has always gone entirely smoothly!

Of course, I have been at the receiving end of rudeness, or shall we say, thoughtlessness. People can get very worked up in the run-in to a major event. When this has occurred, however, I have found that the perpetrator has been quick to apologise and smooth the waters.

In two cases (I hope there isn’t a trend here!), the mother of one of the pair took exception to me. In the first case, that was because her estranged husband had appointed me, so that was never going to suit her. I didn’t even find out what upset the other mother!

I didn’t appreciate the couple who approved my ‘script’ shortly before the ceremony. On the day, however, they neglected to tell me that they changed the Best Man. So, when I called him up by the name they had given me, nobody moved! I had to get us out of that one!

Sometimes the bad behaviour is between the couple themselves. On one occasion, I was privy (as were several other people) to the Bridezilla yelling at the groom, who had done absolutely nothing wrong. She made his life a misery in the run-up, but was charm personified at the wedding itself.

Then there was the couple who seemed very much in love, but the groom was caught in flagrante about a week before the wedding, so that wedding was not to be..

Even worse, arguably, was the couple who did marry. Just before they left on honeymoon, the bride discovered that her husband had been ‘seeing’ one woman every week for 15 years and another woman on the alternate week. That was not all we learned about him, but that was enough!

Finally, I did not take to the bride who chose to discuss the wedding ceremony arrangements with me. Nothing so wrong with that, you will say? But when I asked her to include her husband-to-be in the arrangements, she refused point-blank. “This is my wedding; he’ll do what I tell him”.

The vast majority of the people I deal with are charming and delightful, but there is the odd exception …!

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