Questions to ask your Celebrant

Jul 4, 2023
wedding day nerves

Before you commit, you’re going to have questions to ask your celebrant. That’s normal.

I’m going to anticipate some of them for you.

How can I trust the Celebrant?

Word of mouth is obviously a good starting-point. However, you may not have witnessed a celebrant in action. You also may not know anybody who can recommend one to you.

The next best thing is to have a look at the Celebrant’s website. Look especially at testimonials (and also how the celebrant says they work with clients). The testimonials may reveal the celebrant’s strengths. Do these resonate for you too?

Before signing anything, have a chat with your celebrant. On the phone, by Zoom, or, best of all, face-to-face. Apart from anything else, you’re going to want to know that you can feel confident in your celebrant – and would be happy to work with them on your big day.

What about Cost and Ts & Cs?

However, unattractive it may be, reading the Ts and Cs is essential, if only for peace of mind. If you don’t understand something, then ask for clarification. You need to know precisely what the celebrant is offering – and what might not be included.

Your budget will dictate your outlay, of course, but, within reason, don’t despair if the celebrant is asking a little more than you had in mind. It’s important – and not that easy – to find someone who is right for you both, and worth paying for. If necessary, you may be able to save a little elsewhere, and use that to make up any deficit.

How about Cancellation?

Again, the Ts and Cs should cover this, but I take a non-refundable deposit (because I may have rejected work by accepting your booking). I am normally happy to rearrange, if some major change forces a postponement, and normally do this without extra charge.  

If I have to cancel (but I never have in 10 years), then I will reimburse your balance and do my best to find a suitable replacement.

What USP can a Celebrant Offer?

A celebrant can give you variety.  Depending on their processes, they can conduct a serious, even religious ceremony, or a spiritual one, or a combination. They can vary the tone. They can hold your hand throughout (not literally!), or let you realise your vision and merely advise. They can suggest and conduct spiritual rituals.

They are normally accomplished writers and presenters and can make any ceremony very special.

If you have further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Photo: aiony-haust-xCQm5_9aro0-unsplash