Do I really need a Wedding Planner or Events Organiser?

Jan 21, 2014

I’m delighted (as are you, probably!) to be able to take a week off and bring you opinion from someone else.

I’m grateful to event organiser and wedding planner Idit Ginsberg, who has kindly agreed to share some important advice.


A guest blog by Idit Ginsberg

With most people I’ve met, there is usually a lot of deliberation as to whether they should be proactive, driven and full of creativity and organise their special celebrations by themselves or if it is really a good idea to invest in some help and get a wedding planner or event organiser on board.

Before I became a wedding planner and event organiser I always thought that if you can do it yourself then you should! I’d imagine that afterwards everyone would say “well done, what a great event” and that it was down to me being creative and well organised that I was able to create a magical day for all my friends to enjoy.

But what I realised is that not everyone has a creative mind, nor do they know where to go to find all the suppliers necessary to take an idea and bring it to life! And perhaps most importantly, most people don’t have the time. For most people, organising an event for themselves has to be worked into their already busy day. They work, have kids to look after, maybe a new house to prepare for, and as much as they would love to do it all themselves, once they get started they realise how much work is actually involved.

Every event has a minimum of 10 items that need to be sorted out (venue, invitations, catering, decorations, photographer and entertainment – to name a few). That means lots of phone calls, emails, contracts to read and people to meet.

How many photographers do you need to meet before choosing the right one? How many venues do you need to call to check for availability and compare prices to see they are perfect for what you need? What about an exciting entertainer? Do you have the time to see 4 or 5 or wouldn’t you prefer to have them recommended to you by someone who has used their services many times over?

In my opinion, having that helping hand, an expert to ask all those burning questions, share ideas with and support you from beginning to end is a much better idea than going it alone!

So many times I have heard the line …
“If only I had known how much work was involved in organising a wedding; I would have called you earlier!”

The truth is people are willing to spend thousands of pounds on all the things they need to make their special day perfect but they don’t value what the wedding planner and event organiser can do to help. 99% of the time people think they will be spending extra money for a service they don’t need but what they don’t realise is that by using an event planner they will reduce their overall costs.

If a wedding planner or event organiser knows what they are doing, you’ll end up with a celebration which costs less than what you expected to pay and a celebration which is stress free, magical and remembered for years to come.

Written by Idit Ginsberg from Dash of Sparkle, to find out more, visit or contact Idit directly on 07877 927 246.

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