Navigating the Mixed-Faith Minefield

May 6, 2024
mixed-faith wedding with civil celebrant

Of course a mixed-faith ceremony frequently is beautiful, inspiring and enjoyable.

However, such a result doesn’t just happen; it has to be worked at.

That means, not only seeking harmony among your family but also putting together the right service.

Finding a happy medium can certainly be challenging, but doesn’t need to be so.

A lot of common sense and willingness to compromise can go a long way.

If only one partner is religious, then it should be reasonable to look for a ceremony that contains the most important religious sections, but which is not too heavy.

If both partners want their own religion included, again it should be possible to come to an amicable agreement how much of each religion would be desirable.

I have conducted numerous ceremonies where the amount and subject-matter of the religious elements has been tailor-made for the couple (and/or their families). It can be done.

Incidentally, it seems to be the case that the side wanting religion (as opposed to the atheist) is more vociferous. Make of that what you will!

Most of my mixed-faith ceremonies have been for Christian and Jew. We have used certain elements of each religion, with explanations where necessary. So particular prayers or rituals have featured.

In most cases, the service has been mostly spiritual, with just a small part religious. Sometimes we use the Loving Cup ceremony and/or we might have the groom treading a glass underfoot. Other rituals are available. There can be pagan elements too, of course.

To help sort out all these choices, be prepared to co-operate with all concerned. Be reasonable and listen to their viewpoint, but remember it is YOUR ceremony.

And, most importantly, have a chat with your civil celebrant. They can help with ideas and guidance.

It doesn’t have to be a minefield.

I am waiting for your call!

photo: Phillipa Gedge