Music for weddings

Nov 6, 2023
wedding music

Music at weddings seems almost a given. The music adds to the atmosphere as well as covering potentially uncomfortable silences. It can be mood-changing and clearly has a lot of significance for a great many people.

So, when planning your wedding, you will want to consider the music quite carefully.

Will you want music for the ceremony and/or reception? Will you use a live band or a disco, or even a player operated by a family friend?

Live Music?

Having a live band can add considerably to the atmosphere. They can gauge and respond to their audience, and can set the tone. They can react to the unexpected (which can happen!).

All being well, you can rely on them, particularly if you know people that have used them. Or if you’ve heard them for yourselves.

The down side may be that they could be expensive. However, once you have agreed the programme (or style), you should be able to relax and get on with other things.

Nowadays, with the progress of technology, the quality of recorded music can be more than acceptable. Obviously, there may be issues, if machinery goes awry. The DJ may be able to play some music for you for the ceremony, if you want that. Just ensure you agree it all in advance.

Ceremony or Reception?

Opinions vary about music during the ceremony, but usually agree that you will want some quiet, middle-of-the-road music playing as the guests enter. If there’s a procession, stately or romantic music might be chosen. You’ll want to ensure that it lasts long enough. If there’s to be a certificate-signing,  music would also be appropriate (probably, fairly restrained). Finally, you may well want something rousing, as the couple leave the room.

You can have traditional music (such as “Here Comes the Bride” or Pachelbel’s “Canon”) or a march, but there’s nothing to stop you choosing “your” song or, simply, a favourite piece of music.

.Music does not have to be religious at all (although it can be). Nor does it have to be serious. It can reflect the couple’s beliefs or personalities.

So, thought clearly needs to go into the music choice(s). The music can add such a lot. It can excite or relax, increase tension, bring a smile to faces – and, of course, cover a silence.

Most of all, music can add significantly to the character and atmosphere of your ceremony.

Let me help you with your ceremony as well as its music.


Photo: Nelly Prahova