Morning Weddings

Nov 4, 2014

A lot of people assume that a wedding should take place in the afternoon or, possibly, evening.

That makes some sense. It gives people living at quite a distance from the venue a chance to leave home at a respectable hour and not arrive too drained. Then they have the option of staying locally overnight after the festivities.

“I’m Getting Married in the Morning!”

But supposing it wasn’t that way round? What if guests stayed overnight before a morning ceremony and so were nice and fresh for it? True, they would have to watch what they drank, if driving back later that day, but it would not be ridiculous.

Another great reason for having the event in the morning is that it is normally considerably cheaper.

As there will be less competition at that time, the venue hire ought to cost less and you can probably get pay-per-plate items for a lot less than you would later in the day.

And remember, cheaper doesn’t have to mean worse.

The Ceremony

You should have no trouble getting the registrars to do their bit for you in the morning, and the same should certainly apply for the civil celebrant. It won’t affect the cost, but it will work every bit as well.

The Reception


If you’re offering brunch, that means you can have breakfast and lunch items, which can add variety (without costing too much). You can offer a Full English (with vegetarian alternatives), but also, possibly, steaks, even salads, and waffles or the like.


Some people may not want to drink alcohol in the morning, so teas, coffees, mineral water, lemonade and fruit juice should be on offer. However, some people will definitely want a celebratory alcoholic drink or two, and some champagne may well be appreciated.


It may be a (late) morning reception, but you can still have music and dancing (and certainly speeches – if you include those under the heading of ‘revelry’!). The entertainment may well be a little more subdued than you might expect at an evening gathering, but no less enjoyable for that!

There should also be a cake (people love the photo of the couple cutting the cake – and often enjoy the cake itself, of course!). Sweet stuff is sometimes less appreciated in the morning than later, but don’t expect too much for the doggy bag!

In conclusion

A brunch wedding can be as formal or informal as you like. That goes for the ceremony as well as the reception. For the festivities you can have food stations, or a regular sit-down four-course meal. You can have fine china, table service, flowers, entertainment for kids, and so on.

The joy is that the choice is yours, and for what should be considerably less expense, a morning wedding can be every bit as memorable and enjoyable as an afternoon one.

Michael Gordon can help prepare and conduct a tailor-made civil ceremony in or around London or, indeed, in Europe.