Making Your Ceremony Different

Sep 27, 2022
Civil celebrant before civil wedding in Guernsey

A lot of people find traditional weddings a bit stale. But it seems difficult to know how to make the ceremony different, yet meaningful.

There’s no point making changes just for the sake of it. The changes have got to work. They will, if they can reflect you. That means your beliefs and personalities.

Your civil celebrant is all about helping you to achieve this. They can advise and guide.

But what are your options?

Religious Ceremonies

These certainly have their place, but they are becoming less popular. Of course, you know what you’re getting, but that can be what puts some people off.

Not everybody is happy with religious vocabulary, either.

Furthermore, as people become more aware of the other options, these attract increasingly more couples. After all, not everyone wants a standardised, predictable – potentially lengthy – service.

Register Office Ceremonies

Although Register Office ceremonies are wholly secular, they tend to follow the same pattern as religious services. They are often standardised and not very exciting. Moreover, some registrars are not great public speakers and disappoint when presenting.

An unexpected option

There is a third option: a civil celebrant ceremony.

One advantage is flexibility. The celebrant can offer a secular, part-religious, mixed-faith or even a conventional service. The service will be tailor-made, so depends on the couple’s input.

As it is individualised, the service can be woo-woo or pretty straight, according to choice.

Furthermore, a good celebrant will be trained in public speaking, and thus able to present appropriately.


At a civil celebrant-led ceremony, you can be married indoors or outdoors – wherever you choose. Obviously, permission and the climate may have to be taken into account, but conventional venues (like hotels) are available, as well as quirkier ones (castles, beaches, warehouses, canal-sides, etc).


Another way to individualise your wedding is to choose your own decor. The theme should reflect your personalities and wishes. The invitations, seating plans and general signage can be as unique as you choose.


You can also personalise the ceremony with flowers. You might choose a floral arch, unique bridal bouquets and table furnishings.


People are often opting for less formal attire at weddings. Again, the clothes can reflect the taste of the couple. The groom might not wear a suit (but might have a special tie or socks) and the bride might opt against white. And she might decide to wear sandals.

Ceremony Content

As part of the individualisation afforded by celebrant-led ceremonies, you can make significant changes to the ceremony content. One example would be writing your own vows. These can be affecting, moving – and even hilarious.

Another would be the Loving Cup ritual. The couple drink from the same goblet, as special words are spoken.

Or maybe, the groom wants to shatter a glass underfoot?

Another option that is available is to invite friends or family to participate.

Maybe that gives a flavour of how individual such a ceremony can be.

I’d love to help you with all of this. Just give me a call!