Make Your Ceremony Stand Out

Dec 5, 2012

When you plan your wedding, you will probably be preoccupied with how the reception will look, and that is certainly important.

But there’s something people tend to overlook.

If you are having a creative ceremony, you may also want to think about the ceremony itself, the main event. After all, the guests will be going to that venue first and spending quite a time there, so you want to make your ceremony stand out.

If you’re marrying indoors, obvious decorations will be flowers and candles, but you might be able to produce and mount a backdrop, one that is themed to fit in with the readings and music you may have chosen.

Consider also paper garlands, sequin strips, ribbons and lace, and poems or your vows printed on large paper banners.

For an outdoor ceremony, perhaps there’s a lovely tree close by, which you could decorate with ribbons, lanterns, bunting or paper hearts. You might use bales of hay for a field, or a fabric backdrop or even an old wooden door or window frame.

You might want to bring along potted trees or plants, and you could decorate a wooden frame with origami birds, seashells or ribbons.

This might seem “just extra detail”, but it can add so much to the whole atmosphere.

See how creative you can be!