Judging the Value of your Celebrant

Oct 11, 2021
humour at a wedding; celebrant-added value

How do you judge the value of a celebrant? Yes, you expect a well-presented wedding ceremony, but is that the limit of your expectation? And what price do you put on that, anyway?

To some extent, the same goes with any supplier. They name a price and you decide whether or not to pay it. But it’s harder to evaluate the worth of a service, as opposed to  tangible goods.

First Steps

You may be able to ask around for recommendations. (But bear in mind that another person’s opinion may conflict with yours.) The website may furnish some useful information. Testimonials are useful.

But most civil celebrants’ websites will talk about the same things. They’ll tell you the sort of ceremony on offer. They may talk about their experience and training. They may have some lovely photos.

But no two celebrants can offer an identical service, simply because their personality and characteristics are individual.

I might not be the first choice for someone looking for an Elvis-impersonator; but they could jump at the chance to work with me on a mixed-faith ceremony, for example. Some may prefer my calm, measured approach; others, might go for razzamatazz.

So how do you know what you are getting?

 Choosing the Celebrant

 Ultimately, you may have to go with your gut. Do you actually want this celebrant to be conducting your marriage? Can you trust them to deliver?

A consultation will help you answer these questions. You may have a vision of your big day. Share this with the celebrant. Do they sympathise? Do they even listen ? Do they insist on doing it their way?

Do they seem professional? Have they a sense of humour? Are they pleasant? Are they passionate? How clear are their explanations? Do their presentation skills look good? Do you think they are dependable?

You may also like to consider the celebrant’s USP. I would have missed out on several wonderful ceremonies without my knowledge of Russian and Hebrew (and I speak French and German as well!).

Moving On

Before you sign on the dotted line, take the trouble to read the Ts and Cs. They may not be very interesting, but it’s as well to know what the mutual expectations are.

The cost is obviously relevant, but you can sometimes juggle your budget allocations to ensure you get the celebrant you really want. It is so important to get your choice right.

I hope these hints help you judge the value of your celebrant.

Do feel free to approach me for a non-obligation chat!

photo: samyaz.sproutstudio.com