Is now the time to commit?

Jun 15, 2020

Far be it from me to jinx anything, but things are slowly moving back towards (the new) normal here. A long way to go, but signs are hopeful.

Of course, one of the last areas to recover is going to be the wedding industry. Almost by definition, they involve sizeable numbers of people coming together and personal contact. How do you manage “social distance” under these circumstances?

Some people have been responding by arranging a streamed ceremony. Although nobody can persuade me that the atmosphere matches the excitement of an offline wedding, I accept that it will satisfy some. Indeed, for those who, for whatever reason, cannot, or will not, wait, this can be a good substitute.

Marking such a big day on a computer screen does not float everybody’s boat, though.

So if an online ceremony does not appeal, should you start planning for an offline wedding?

I don’t claim to be representative in the wedding industry. I can only talk about my experience, including chats with others in the profession. It seems that enquiries are coming through, and the trickle appears to be turning into a gentle flow now.

Many people were originally attracted by the idea of marrying in 2020, and that has had to go out of the window, in most cases. It’s risky to opt for Autumn or Winter events this year, as the pandemic may possibly return. So couples are looking at Summer 2021 or even beyond.

There is pressure to get in quickly, because there may soon be a stampede for the “best” times and venues. On the other hand, who’s to say there won’t be a second wave of Coronavirus?

Couples have always been wise to invest in wedding insurance. That could well be a lot more expensive now – or difficult to source – but the peace of mind it can offer may be worth it.

You should also check suppliers’ terms before you book. As a celebrant, I am probably typical in that I ask for a deposit (non-refundable after 14 days), but don’t charge the balance until 30 days before the event. If you ask me to reschedule, I’ll do it, if I can, at no extra cost. If I can’t, you only get charged for the work I may have already done on your service – so you can cancel without penalty.

Most suppliers will show some flexibility, but just make sure you know where you stand with them.

I don’t have a crystal ball, but I think that people will still want a wedding. Many events may be smaller than they used to be and not necessarily the same, but they can still be memorable and special.

Feel free to have a chat with me to find out to achieve this.