Is it Better to Marry in a Religious Ceremony?

Jun 13, 2023

Whether or not it is better to marry in a religious ceremony is subjective in the extreme. There may sometimes be outside pressures (such as parents), but normally it is down to the couple.

Of course, they may disagree and will need to seek a compromise.

Recent research indicates that marriage in places of worship accounts for less than a fifth of all ceremonies.

Religious ceremonies accounted for 18.7% of opposite-sex marriages, and same-sex a mere 0.7%.

This could be explained away by the fact that more couples are choosing to live together, rather than marry. However, that is not a reason for the significant drop in the religious option.

Probably, this fall is connected to the decline in active church-going. It may also be to do with the lack of flexibility that a church service offers compared with a celebrant-led ceremony.

That is not to deny religious services their place. I chose to get married in a religious ceremony, and such services can be meaningful, inspiring and beautiful, although less personal.

I say ‘personal’ because the religious service tends to be one-size-fits-all. There is a basic liturgy to be adhered to, so such ceremonies can be rigid. A celebrant can provide all this (or as much as is desired) and also add the spiritual, personal elements.

A lot of people may consider a full religious event excessive, so, being able to offer a part-religious dimension can make a celebrant-led ceremony very attractive. Furthermore, in some cases, the Church may not condone a partnership (such as a mixed marriage), and then, once again, the celebrant can be the answer.

Finally, a church may have beauty and atmosphere, but you have choice of venue if you go with a celebrant, and the place of your dreams might not be the church.

So it’s a matter for personal taste, of course. If you want to discuss how a civil celebrant wedding may tick all the boxes, have a chat with me!