How to Plan Your Wedding

Nov 7, 2022
intimate celebrant ceremony

Getting Started

Planning your wedding can be fun and really exciting. You’re working together with your loved one (well, usually!) and you’ve got a wonderful target in mind. You can watch the elements gradually coming together and your vision becoming a reality.

That doesn’t mean to say that it‘s simple!

You’ll have to do a lot of thinking (for starters, what budget are you setting?) and be prepared to compromise.


You’ll need to weigh up the ceremony you’ll be having. Do you want religion in it at all? If partially, which elements? Do you want a traditional ceremony, a partly wacky one, or a woo-woo one?

How much professional help are you going to go for, or what will you arrange yourselves?

Then, there’s the entertainment and catering (which are not really my remit).

The guest list is a potential minefield. How many people will you invite? Who will you leave off the list?!

You may have to consider a whole raft of suppliers. These could include:

Civil celebrant (obviously!); venue, photographer/videographer; musicians; make-up artist; florist; hairdresser; clothes supplier; entertainment; caterers; transport.

The date and even time may require some discussion.


I cover all this fully in my book “Your Wedding Guide” (by Michael Gordon), which is still available on Amazon for a fiver.

Alternatively, feel free to contact me for more advice.

photo: Victor Shack