How to Make a Civil Celebrant Really Work for You

Mar 5, 2024
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A lot of people don’t think of using a Civil Celebrant. One reason is that they don’t know how to make one work for them.

There is a lot of misunderstanding about what a celebrant does (or does not) do.

No two celebrants are the same  – and that is part of the beauty of working with one. Once you have sorted out your vision for your ceremony, you can more efficiently choose the person you want to work with.

General Assets

A few things they should have in common are professionalism and friendliness. They need to clarify Ts and Cs. They should be prompt and attentive in correspondence and in person. They should be reliable and transparent.

They should aspire to understand your vision for your event. They ought to be able to make helpful suggestions and also guide you, where needed.

Individual Assets

Celebrants have their own individual strengths. Some may favour a razzamatazz-type of ceremony (a la Las Vegas); others may be better at spiritual services; some will promote rituals; others may prefer more traditional ceremonies.

It probably goes without saying that the celebrant needs to be able to present in public really well. They also need to be able to write well.

You need to weigh up the celebrant’s strengths and see if you think they will fit in to your picture.

Obviously, meeting/speaking to them will help this process, as will testimonials on their website and personal recommendation. The closer your relationship with the officiant is likely to be, the better.

Why Michael?

I shall be a trusted and invaluable part of your team. I’ll help you achieve a unique, tailor-made ceremony that fits in with your beliefs and wishes. Your opinions will be sought and respected.

You’ll be part of the creative process throughout (as long as that’s what you want). You will be able to approve the final version before the day.

To have a chat about how it can work, please contact me.