How to Choose the Best Wedding Venue

Feb 6, 2024

Let’s set aside cost for the moment, shall we? What (else) is going to make you opt for one venue over another?

It’s important to get this right, as so much will depend on the venue.

Obviously, location, atmosphere, facilities and accessibility are likely to enter into the mix. So , once you’ve narrowed down the field a bit, you should make an appointment with the event planner and pay them a visit.

The questions you ask will depend on your vision for the day. You may need to know whether the venue will be uniquely yours for the duration. What about in-house catering? Can outside caterers come in? What exactly does the event planner offer by way of service? Are the rooms suitable for the numbers you may be expecting?

And so it goes on.

Remember that it’s not only the answers to your questions that matter, it’s your feeling for the place. You should be smitten – and absolutely want to marry there. So, go with your gut.

Additionally, you can be guided by recommendations. Do you know anyone who has marked an occasion at that venue? What was good – and what, if anything, needed improvement?

When you visit, you’ll also need to investigate Ts and Cs as well as the facilities on offer (such as catering). It is a good idea to view the rooms you would be hiring. Will the event planner be available all day on the day? Are the acoustics good, and can the venue provide amplification, if necessary?

So, do your research and visit the top contenders before you decide. Be aware that your chosen date might not be available, so book early.

I repeat that, although budget is obviously a major issue, so is the wow-factor. Make sure you are excited by the prospect of marrying at your particular venue.

If I can help you – or if you’re looking for a civil celebrant to match the venue – don’t hesitate to contact me.