Healthy Mind and Body

Oct 2, 2023

“Mens sana in corpore sano.” That’s what I seem to remember from my schoolboy Latin. The author was called Juvenal, I recall.

He had the right idea, I think. “A healthy mind in a healthy body.” You need to be in good health to make the best of things. Not least, your event.

It’s important to be at your best, for example, when you’re getting married. Or if you’re the centre of attention at any other life-cycle event.

There are things you can do that will benefit you on the day (and also at other times, of course).

Good sleep, eating and drinking properly and nutritiously, and exercise are givens.

Let’s focus on a couple of those guidelines.


Apart from the obvious benefits of healthy eating, you may appreciate maintaining a steady weight. If you want to look your best on your big day, you won’t want to slip into that wedding dress you bought/hired six weeks ago, and find that you no longer fit!

The same applies to you, gentlemen, so don’t be too smug!


Avoiding sugary drinks is always a good one, but alcohol is definitely not to be recommended. However nervous you may be before the ceremony, drinking alcohol is not really the answer. You won’t perform at your best, may even make a fool of yourself and might not remember the special day afterwards.

However, once you’ve fulfilled your role, there’s nothing to stop you having a drink, or even two, afterwards!


Regular sleep will help you feel good and also look good. Going to bed around the same time and sleeping seven or eight hours is usually ideal.

You can make this more likely by not using a screen for an hour before you go to bed, ensuring the room is darkened and not having electronic devices (left on) near your bed.


The benefits of exercise are well-known. Not only for your well-being, but if you can manage a stroll on the day of your big day (half an hour would do), that would be beneficial.


The last factor that might spoil your day is stress. It’s natural to be excited, but it can go too far.

One way to avoid excessive stress is to work with reputable, reliable suppliers (whether officiants, caterers, photographers, planners, or whatever). If they do their job properly, that should take a load off your mind.

If you really can’t face the spotlight and the thought of speaking in public terrifies you, there are  professional therapists who can help you. (One I’d recommend is Isobel from

But remember that everybody is on your side and wants you to shine, so relax as much as you can, and enjoy your day.