Happy holidays!

Dec 19, 2017

It’s my last blog post before Christmas (yipee!). I therefore want to take the opportunity to wish all my readers happy holidays. (I apologise for the American terminology, but it covers a lot of ground, as Chanukah is still going (just), whilst Christmas is a week away.)

So I hope you have a restful time, and that you enjoy¬† family time (if that’s on the agenda). At the very least, I hope you find some television that you’ll love and consume a festive feast without too much of a hangover to follow!

On a personal level, this looks set to be the quietest Christmas we have ever known, as family politics means that we will be celebrating on our own this year. We’ll eat and drink well, and I’m sure we’ll find some entertainment (Scrabble or Yahtzee, perhaps?). I’m not too worried, although I usually get thrashed at Scrabble!

As I have no celebrations booked before January and I don’t expect many funerals to happen in Christmas week, I am forced to take some time off, and that’s not entirely unwelcome.

I can do a little planning for my business, of course, and I have some (paid) writing to finish, which will probably take me till the end of December, so I don’t risk getting bored. I even think I may get dragged out for some shopping in the next few days, although I can’t say I relish that…

I wonder if you’ve got rather more ambitious plans than me? It wouldn’t be very hard! But whatever you end up doing, I hope it’s a joyous time for you.

I certainly hope and pray that we all enjoy a happier year. There have been some horrible atrocities in 2017 in the UK and elsewhere. Let’s hope that a little tolerance and understanding spreads across our globe next year. Maybe we can all play a part in achieving that.

Anyway, whatever your religion (if you have one at all), may I simply wish you “happy holidays”.