Happy Days?

Dec 21, 2020
civil celebrant

Ordinarily, a year ending and the prospect of a new one fills me with optimism. You too?

There are bank holidays to look forward to, and it should be a time for exchanging presents and over-indulging (food, drink and TV). Maybe even family reunions (not necessarily welcome, though!)! Happy days.

Things will clearly be different about this year’s festivities. For one thing, you probably won’t want to look back and reflect about the past twelve months.

If I may indulge myself, my retrospect is mixed.

I succumbed to a virus in March that laid me low for three weeks. Could have been worse, but not amusing.

I have had to refund a couple for one cancelled wedding; another looks highly likely to go the same way, and, apart from two ongoing enquiries, I don’t have any new weddings in the pipeline (although I have a few carried over into 2021).

Definitely not a lot to rejoice about.

However, I am not despondent (although grateful for my pension!). On the positive side (at least, for me!), I have conducted nearly 50 funerals this year (most in April and May, of course), so I have been able to shine a light for people at their lowest ebb. Helping people in that way has been very consoling and satisfying. (Furthermore, I have had legitimate reason to go out during lockdown and a purpose in my life.)

I’m using the extra time to redo my website (this will happen in January) and am going to take an Instagram course (that will be a challenge for the teacher, let alone the student!).

So there are brighter moments among the gloom, and I am mindful of my health and fitness – as well as the love and support of my family. Things could be worse!

So I am wishing you at least as much happiness, health and prosperity as I am experiencing. Thank you for reading my blog(s) and please continue when I return in January.

Have as happy a Christmas as is possible and a really good New Year!