Getting the Most out of your Wedding Ceremony

Feb 7, 2013

The success of your wedding ceremony will be a full reflection of your preparation for it, regardless of which end of the market you are looking at

You will probably be using caterers, flower-arrangers, photographers and possibly wedding-planners and a celebrant.

It makes sense to get quotes from at least three of each before committing. Cost will matter, but should not be the critical factor (see the next paragraph). If you don’t have any first-hand referrals, look at testimonials, but definitely don’t neglect some kind of personal contact. This allows you to get to know the supplier as well as to ask questions before committing. Allow time for this.

Depending on your budget, you should ensure you do not stint on what really matters to you. The wedding dress or the catering could be the most essential component to you both. To ensure you get exactly what you want, it may mean reducing costs elsewhere – eg the guest-list, venue size, the flowers, etc. Just make sure you and your partner are in agreement!

Sometimes, using a less common venue (park, zoo, beach, field) can reduce your fees, but still fit the bill completely.

Do ensure any wedding-planner, celebrant or venue knows exactly what your desires are (in good time). Make a list, and bear in mind you may want to arrange accommodation at the venue afterwards (possibly for guests from abroad as well as for you). (You might be able to negotiate a special price too!)

So, plan, plan and plan. Make notes, ask questions, take advice and build a perfect day for yourselves and your guests. Ensure you know what you really want. This will be the day when your every desire must be fulfilled!