Wonderful funeral testimonial

Dec 29, 2014

I know I’m not supposed to be blogging this week, but I really had to publish this lovely funeral testimonial received today. It answers the question people often ask me, which is: “why do you get involved in people’s funerals?”

See you in 2015.

28th December, 2014

To Whom It May Concern,
Last Month I had the experience of losing my Partner of 20 years. Although he had not been in the best of health his passing was very sudden and unexpected.
There then comes the difficult task of making the final arrangements and organising so many different matters that would never cross your mind until you have to face up to them.
To this end it was a great relief to meet Michael and have him preside over the celebration of my Partner’s Cremation Service. Michael visited my home and sat with me for a couple of hours whilst I recalled the biographic and anecdotal elements that I felt were necessary for a fitting service. My fear was that as the event would not be in any way religious it may lack substance and meaning.
Michael promptly sent me a draft of the proposed service and from my first reading I knew that he had completely nailed it. This was one thing that I no longer had to worry about and that is an enormous weight off one’s shoulders at a difficult time.
Everyone that attended the service felt that it was completely appropriate to my late Partner’s colourful life right down to his eclectic taste in music. It is an enormous responsibility to take the Service of someone you have never met and make it warm, meaningful and even a little light hearted. Michael did the most amazing job and I shall forever be grateful that Michael was the person to walk into my home that day.
Yours Sincerely
L. O.