First Steps Towards Planning Your Wedding

Nov 20, 2023
intimate celebrant ceremony

Exciting as it may be, planning your wedding can initially be bewildering.

Perhaps a little guidance at this point would be useful?

A good starting point would be to ensure that you are on the same page as your intended. So initial considerations would include date and venue of the ceremony, type of ceremony, budget and size of gathering.

That’s all before you bear in mind the entertainment, catering, dress, hair-do, make-up, photographers, flowers, planner and so on!

But this blog is about starting off, so we’ll limit ourselves to that alone, shall we!


Looking at those first points, I probably don’t need to point out that you may need to be willing to compromise with your intended (and/or anybody who is financing your event). You all need to communicate and not make assumptions. Keep each other in the picture. Don’t make alterations independently.


What you can spend is usually the tail that wags the dog!

Once you have agreed it, stick to the amount. You may have to juggle a bit (sometimes you can offset overspend, if there’s a saving or two down the line).

You’ll have to be clear how many people you invite (and to which parts of the day, if appropriate). That’s often a sticky one! Be flexible.

You may want to consider a DIY wedding, although hiring professional services can do such a lot for your peace of mind.


The date is obviously important. You probably need to plan for at least a year in advance. Avoid major holidays and festivals (like Christmas or Valentine’s Day – or even the summer season). They can often be dearer than at other times.

.Ceremony type

You’ll need to agree on whether you want religion at all in your service, and, if so, to what extent? That will impact on booking a church (or whatever) and minister. If not, you will have to book registrars (either at their office or at certain venues). Alternatively, but in addition to registrars, you can go with a civil celebrant. That way, you can have a traditional or wacky ceremony (or mixture).


This is an area where you need to do your homework. You’ll have to visit the venue and discuss exactly what they can offer you. Most importantly, you must love the venue!

Practical Help

I cover this whole area in my book “Your Wedding Guide” (by Michael Gordon), which is still available on Amazon at a giveaway price (about £5)!

Or feel free to contact me for advice.

Photo’ Victor Shack