Ever Considered a Vow Renewal?

Mar 21, 2023
pagan handfasting at civil wedding

There seems to be increasing demand for Vow Renewals. They were popular before COVID (as so many things were), but there are compelling reasons to consider them again.


Whereas you are welcome to mark a major life event with a Vow Renewal on (or near) the exact date of the anniversary, there is no compulsion to do so. You can actually hold a Vow Renewal when it suits you – even just for the sake of it.


Another of the beauties of a Vow Renewal is that it can be held wherever you want. There is no compulsion to hold it in a licensed venue or a Register Office or in a church, like a wedding. You are free to be indoors or out, and exercise your imagination, as you please. Your back garden might work, or a local hotel. Equally, a venue that fits in with your passion (on a steam locomotive?!) can be arranged.

I remember a canal-side Vow Renewal, which was most successful.


There is no legal paperwork involved and there is no obligatory content to the ceremony. The tone can be formal or informal (or something in between). As I have said, the venue and timing are down to you, so you are free to plan (usually together with your civil celebrant) exactly how you want the ceremony and day to run.

Do you want to light a Unity Candle? Do you want family members to participate actively (lighting a candle with you, reading a special text etc.)? Do you want any religious elements? Any prayers?


Why bother with a Vow Renewal at all?

Suggested reasons might include:

  • Marking your wedding anniversary, especially if it’s a special year (maybe ending -0 or -5)
  • Your circumstances may have changed since your wedding (eg new children or you’ve come through serious ill health)
  • You want to welcome step-children into the family
  • Your wedding vows have been superseded over time
  • You want an excuse to bring friends and relatives together for a celebration
  • You may want to proclaim your mutual love publicly (especially if your marriage has come through rocky times)

How to Organise it

As with any major life-cycle event, you discuss it with your other half and, probably, with your civil celebrant. Together, you put together a marvellous ceremony and wonderful day (or night!).

You pick and arrange your venue (and celebrant!), organise the reception, and send out invitations etc. No hassle!

I’d love to play a part in your ceremony. Just call or email me! You’ll be glad you did.